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5 Self-Confidence Tips From a Hollywood Celebrity Acting Coach

5 Self-Confidence Tips From a Hollywood Celebrity Acting Coach
By Thai Nguyen

Self-confidence leads to success in every area of life, and lack of self-confidence leads to inaction. Studies show that people with self-confidence are happier and have a more positive outlook on life. When life doesn’t go according to plan, a self-confident person maintains their composure and can turn an obstacle into an opportunity.

I reached out to a top Hollywood Celebrity Acting Coach, Amy Lyndon, and asked how her “15 Guideline Map to Booking Technique” for actors can help anyone and everyone improve their self-confidence. Amy is confident that once you start practicing these tips, you will become a more self-confident and successful person.

1. How Do You Hear What Others Are Saying?

What others are saying and what you are hearing oftentimes doesn’t match. We have a tendency to attach negative meanings and interpretations to what we think we hear. Amy suggests that we write down HOW we hear what others are saying; this will give you an opportunity to evaluate whether you’re interpreting what you hear with a negative connotation. If this is the case, you need to make some changes in how you think people are communicating with you.

2. Know What You’re Doing, Saying and Feeling

Confident people are prepared people. The more an actor knows what they are doing, saying and feeling, the more confident they will be. You don’t need to be an actor to benefit from this practice. If you have an upcoming meeting, rehearse in your mind what a successful meeting will look like. What are you going to be doing in the room? What are you going to say to the potential employer about yourself? What do you want them to feel about you?

3. Map Out Your Emotions

You need to first be in touch with your own emotions in order to master them. Begin to label and notice each emotion you experience throughout the day. Connect with each emotion. Amy teaches her students to sit with each feeling until it becomes a deep connected one. Ask yourself, “What am I feeling? What am I REALLY feeling?” If you know what you’re feeling then you will always be confident about your approach to just about anything.

4. Avoid the “Pitfall” of Monotony

The more diverse life experiences you can expose yourself to, the more confident you will become. Open yourself up to new adventures. You can start small with eating at a new restaurant, trying out a different type of food or traveling to a country you never imagined you would go. Don’t be limited by your own experiences. The more you experience, the more exciting and interesting your life will be.

5. Avoid Toxic Energy

Everyone has a form of energy that radiates from his or her being. But sometimes, that energy can be negative. Be careful of the people you are surrounding yourself with. It’s very subtle. You can suddenly find yourself acting and feeling extremely negative after spending time with others. Once you get better at mapping out your emotions, you’ll be able to notice whenever your emotional energy shifts around other people and their stinkin’ thinkin.’ Don’t let other people inform how you feel.

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Interview with Audrey Helps Actors

Hey Guys!

I am so excited to share this FREE PODCAST with you. I was interviewed by Audrey Moore for her show “Audrey Helps Actors.” It’s available on Stitcher, iTunes and YouTube. This episode will inspire and educate you on what it takes to book! We cover the art of BOOKING, marketing, acting tips and so much more:)

Audrey is a former student of mine and now she’s a Series Regular in GODLESS, which will air on NETFLIX starting in November alongside Michelle Dockery, Merrett Wever and Jeff Daniels.


The Lyndon Experience – Now On YouTube

“The Lyndon Experience” on YouTube Reveals the Hilarious Life and Times of Hollywood Booking Coach and Accomplished Performing Artist Amy Lyndon

Known as the Tony Robbins of Acting, Amy Lyndon has built a career out of inspiring fellow performing artists to navigate a challenging industry with confidence. Now, she’s sharing a behind-the-scenes view of life as a busy Celebrity Booking Coach with her own YouTube series, “The Lyndon Experience” — with more than a dozen webisodes at press time — and available at


Love International Film Festival Red Carpet Arrivals

Love International Film Festival Premiere of Chloe’s Song.


Amy Lyndon is on board to Direct Season 1 Episode 10 “Heavy Lifting” Starring Tatyana Ali, Rae’Ven Kelly, Lourdes Colon, Glynn Turman, Ella Joyce, Gary Gray, Reem Kadem, & Cristián de la Fuente.








Inspired by the real life situation of the first all African-American females to crew a commercial flight, FLY chronicles the lives of 4 young black women in 2009 living in Atlanta as they navigate their tumultuous personal lives, while working for a commercial airline. Written By Rae’Ven Kelly & Everlasting Entertainment


#UNFILTERED (coming soon)

Amy Lyndon and IAmEnough Productions started production on a new short film #Unfiltered.

Written by Lissy Cohn and Ana Cobo. Directed by Amy Lyndon.

More Information on IMDB

DICE Moves into Post-Production

Featuring Amazing Cast:

Lisa Dempsey as Janie

Regina Redwing as Darlene

Johnny Savas as Frank

Some walk away from their past, while others run right back to it.

CHLOE’S SONG Official Selection at Love International Film Festival

Excited to Announce Chloe’s Song is an Official Selection at the 2017 Love International Film Festival. The Love International Film Festival (LIFF) will focus on bringing films and filmmakers from the international community whose work we feel brings the world closer together and promotes love and healing through cinema. All proceeds for the 2017 LIFF will be given to the Lotus Light Children’s Charity.

LIFF’s 2017 festival will be held April 7, 2017 through the 16, 2017 in Los Angeles, California.





GREAT NEWS! “Chloe’s Song” was just accepted into HOLLYWOOD REEL INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL!! I am so excited! Star and producer Jessica Esfandiary and I worked our butts off on this film! A huge thanks to DP Maury Dahlen for making this film look amazing, to Darryl Davis for his hard work during production and Arielle Iris MacArthur for the wonderful music! And of course to all of our actors Clara York, Jerin Forgie, Lamar Babi, Kirsten Lea and Teodorico Paul Sajor! I will tell you when we Premiere! It’s going to be between February 16 – 26!! I just love Directing!!

Amy Lyndon Interview with Will Roberts

Did you miss my interview… Follow the Link. Will Roberts​ is amazing! I had a great time chatting with Will about all my upcoming news.

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Amy Lyndon Coaching Lindsey on MY GIANT LIFE

THE WRAP did an amazing article with a fun clip from “MY GIANT LIFE” Click the Video Below to watch the Clip and see me in action.

Any takers, Hollywood? They say there are no giant roles, just giant actresses. Six-foot-nine Lindsay from TLC’s “My Giant Life” is ready for her close-up, she just needs a gig. And perhaps some talent, commitment, or at least, lessons.



Bring back the 70’s! Have fun with my Comedy Pilot! I WANNA MARRY LARRY

Amy Lyndon Interview for Dream Girl Campaign

I recently spoke with Host Patricia Petersen for the Dream Girl Campaign who’s mission is to remind women to dream big while giving them permission to do so. We chat about The Lyndon Technique, Obstacles that are unique to women, how to market yourself in the entertainment business, setting aside time each day to pursue your goal, knowing the intent of the writer to understand how to BOOK the Job and how to prepare mentally before the audition/interview process.

Listen Here

Thank You Patricia Petersen for the AWESOME Interview.

Amy Lyndon is on Pop Goes The Week

Amy Lyndon was just interviewed by Nicole Russin on Pop Goes The Week!
Responding to the VMAs backlash, Miley Cyrus told MTV “it was a calculated hot mess.” According to actress, acting coach and booking consultant Amy Lyndon, landing an audition in Hollywood is precisely like everything that happened at the 2013 awards show. Amy dishes on this… and much much more.

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